Warm, moist environments are ideal homes for bacteria and germs. United Janitorial Solutions Program helps eliminate the risk posed by germs.

The Increasing Importance of Cleaning Fitness Facilities

People spend time at your fitness center because they want to be healthier, but health and fitness centers offer bacteria and germs ideal places to thrive – warm, moist places like saunas, shower stalls and locker rooms. So while your members work out, they also may be fighting off a host of bacteria that could cause an unexpected illness.

While many patrons will use disinfectant wipes and sprays on treadmills and cardio machines, other high-touch items – like dumbbells, free weights and balls used in close-contact sports – are often neglected. United Janitorial Solutions provides specialized commercial cleaning services to fitness centers, health clubs, spas, gyms and other related facilities. With United Janitorial SolutionsCleaning Systems, your business will not only look clean and smell clean – it will actually be a cleaner, healthier place to get fit.

How Gyms and Fitness Facilities Are Cleaned

Since MRSA and many other organisms can be spread by touching contaminated surfaces, United Janitorial Solutions disinfects all critical control point surfaces, especially those in the locker room.

While many gyms now emphasize the cleaning of equipment and mats, it’s important to also disinfect all high-touch surfaces such as handrails, tables, keyboards, drinking fountains and other commonly overlooked surfaces that can have an increased risk for transmitting infection.

United Janitorial SolutionsCleaning Program also uses its Color-Coding System to avoid cross-contamination, rather than using the same cloths and mops in multiple areas.

United Janitorial Solutions will walk through your facility to identify hot spots and customize a cleaning schedule based on your needs and budget. We will ask the right questions to understand what is most important to you so that the cleaning consistently meets your expectations.

The United Janitorial Solutions Cleaning Program:

  • Removes 99.97% of bacteria, allergens and dust (to .3 microns) from the air
  • Prevents the spread of bacteria from one area to another
  • Uses the most efficient tools and techniques available
  • Is environmentally responsible and recognizably “green”
  • Is delivered consistently and is priced competitively

Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

In addition to creating a cleaning program specific to your facility.We also design a floor program that addresses your facility and will ensure that:

  • The tasks performed are specific to floor type.
  • The frequency of the tasks performed is appropriate to the traffic and floor type.
  • The training received for each specific task is integrated into the process of floor care.
  • The tools used to perform tasks are state-of-the-art and in perfect working order.
  • The chemicals used (as applicable to a particular task) to perform tasks are the best for the floor type.
  • The time to perform tasks is sufficient.

All of these elements combine to ensure that your floors create the best setting for your clients, while extending the life of your floor.

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